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A few of your most common questions answered...

Where are your products available?

Some of our products are only available to order direct. If you are interested in stocking Red Mountain or, want to find your nearest retail outlet, please get in touch with our team via the Contact Page here.

Can I purchase Red Mountain online?

We sell Red Mountain direct to customers online via our partner store, the Typhoo Tea Shop. Click here to visit the official online shop. You can also find us on Amazon.

How much caffeine does Red Mountain Instant Coffee contain?

Our Instant Coffee contains approximately 100mg caffeine per 100ml freshly brewed coffee.

How do I store Red Mountain, and how long does it last?

Keep your coffee sealed and store in a cool dry place. The best before end date will be clearly printed on each jar. We recommend after opening, use within 6 weeks for maximum flavour and freshness.

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