Roasting Coffee

Who We Are

At Red Mountain we have over 30 years’ experience in making high quality and great tasting products.


Red Mountain was first established in 1981 by Brooke Bond, and was their first foray into the coffee category. By the late 1980’s, Red Mountain was competing with brand leaders such as Nescafe & Maxwell House. The brand was supported by a renowned TV advertising campaign using the strapline "Ground coffee taste without the grind". This series of TV ads, one starring Ross Kemp, featured hosts fooling their guests into thinking they were having percolated coffee, when really they were actually just experiencing our exceptionally good instant coffee!

Red Mountain Today

Following a brand review at Unilever in 2000, Red Mountain was sold to Gold Crown Foods where it remained for 6 years before being sold to the Typhoo Tea Ltd. group in 2006. Here it has grown to include a more premium freeze dried Gold blend coffee, as well as additional Hot Chocolate drinks and a specially designed Red Mountain Instant Coffee Whitener. See more detail about our current product range here.

You can also check out some classic Red Mountain TV Adverts below...